When is Skilled Nursing Care Needed?

Senior Healthcare Services Offered at Skilled Nursing Homes

When a person requires around-the-clock care and assistance due to an injury, surgery, illness, or disability, skilled nursing care is often the best option. A stay in a health care center or skilled nursing community allows individuals to recover faster and get back to the lifestyle they’re accustomed to. Most often, skilled nursing care is provided immediately following a hospital stay; residents are transferred to the community to continue to receive the level of care needed before returning home.

A skilled nursing community combines a variety of therapies and rehabilitation services, professional medical care and a full complement of additional senior healthcare services. The most common reason for seniors to require a stay in a skilled nursing community include recovery from a fall, heart attack, or stroke. Other common reasons include recovery from hip, knee, and other joint replacement surgeries, as well as the worsening of progressive diseases like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

Skilled Nursing Care for Proper Senior Rehabilitation

Health care centers/skilled nursing communities employ a staff of medical professionals including physicians, registered nurses and therapists who are specially trained in rehabilitative care. Residents receive 24-hour medical attention, plus a variety of therapies customized to their individual needs, including:

  • Physical Therapy: The goal of physical therapy is to help restore functionality, reduce pain and increase mobility for better strength and balance. Physical therapy can also help renew confidence and make completing daily tasks easier.
  • Occupational Therapy: Occupational therapy is an essential part of a rehabilitation program, as it helps improve life skills to ensure residents are able to perform daily living activities like bathing, grooming, dressing, and eating.
  • Speech and Language Therapy: Speech and language therapy focuses on speech, language, voice, cognition, and swallowing problems. This form of therapy utilizes vocal exercises to ensure residents are able to effectively communicate.
  • Wound Care: Registered nurses provide antibiotics and manage wounds to prevent infections from occurring and ensure proper recovery.
  • Medication Management: A team of professionals monitors residents’ health conditions and ensures medication is managed properly and administered regularly.
  • Assistance with Daily Living Activities: When necessary, residents receive help with personal tasks above and beyond medical care, such as bathing, dressing, and eating.

Throughout a resident’s rehab program, the staff works to ensure residents make a full recovery and are able to return home and enjoy the highest quality of life possible.

How to Find the Right Skilled Nursing or Health Care Center

When searching for a health care center for you or a loved one, it’s important to be as informed as possible about the medical conditions in order to find the community that best fits your needs.

A health care or skilled nursing center offers some of the highest levels of both medical and custodial care. However, some centers may only provide short-term rehabilitation, which means care will be provided anywhere from a couple weeks up to a few months. Conversely, others may offer both short-term rehab and long-term-care.

Whenever possible, schedule a tour of the skilled nursing centers you are considering to get a true feel for the community. Take the time to talk to both staff and residents and ask how they like the community, take note of how clean the common areas are and how spacious the rooms are, and make sure they’re equipped with safety features such as grab bars and non-skid flooring. Find out what types of amenities and activities are provided for residents, such as meals, housekeeping, and social activities and entertainment. Having this information will help make your decision much easier.

Quality Skilled Nursing Care at The Frances Henry Health Center

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