Prior COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

Update 12-17-20:

We are preparing for the COVID-19 vaccine with details rapidly developing. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section below for more information about the vaccine. Our entire campus is registered for the vaccine which includes skilled nursing facility (SNF), independent living (IL), and assisted living (AL) residents, and all employees.

As of December 14, 2020, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services has officially activated the federal government’s pharmacy distribution program for COVID-19 vaccine to skilled nursing facilities. A partnership between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the national pharmacy chains Walgreens and CVS, the program will utilize the Moderna vaccine pending its upcoming Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA. The effort, which will begin with skilled nursing facilities, involves the on-site vaccination of residents and staff of skilled nursing facilities.

As part of this program, which is free of charge to facilities, the federal pharmacy partner will:

• Schedule and coordinate on-site clinic dates directly with each facility
• Order vaccines and associated supplies (e.g., syringes, needles, personal protective equipment).
• Ensure cold chain management for vaccine
• Provide on-site administration of vaccine to all residents and any staff not already vaccinated.
• Report required vaccination data to the local, state/territorial, and federal jurisdictions within 72 hours of administering each dose.
• Adhere to all applicable CMS COVID-19 testing requirements for skilled nursing facility staff

The vaccination program is set to begin December 28, 2020. More information on this effort will be available in the coming days.

Phase 1a

-Frontline healthcare workers and residents of long-term care facilities.

Phase 2

-Healthcare workers and residents in assisted living facilities. This portion of the program will likely be initiated sometime in January, based on vaccine availability

Walgreens will be our provider of the COVID-19 Vaccine for residents and staff. At this time we do not know when the clinics will be on-site.

ABHM has set up a designated email address to best respond to any questions, comments, or concerns specifically related to the COVID-19 vaccine.



Residents, Staff and Families,

There have been a lot of questions, comments and concerns from residents, families, employees, and those in our communities about the COVID-19 Vaccine. This vaccine is important in saving lives and reducing the transmissions of the virus.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is actively reviewing the COVID-19 vaccine for Emergency Use Authorization in the United States.  ABHM operates in six states and those states have told the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) they want nursing home/assisted living providers to be a priority.

ABHM’s mission is to create caring Christian communities that empower older adults, families, and people with disabilities and receiving this vaccine for our residents, members, and staff is a priority.  We, as an organization, support the federal vaccine effort for COVID-19.

It is important residents, members, staff, and families know that ABHM has registered, on behalf of all of our nursing homes, assisted living communities, and homes for the developmentally disabled to receive the COVID-19 vaccine that the federal government will be disbursing in the near future. Please note, this does include all of our employees working at all of our locations across ABHM.

Distribution of the vaccine has yet to be determined.

Individual states will decide how to roll this large initiative in the healthcare sector

We will use our ABHM website, each community’s website, Facebook pages, and other methods to communicate changes and updates as they occur.

ABHM has set up a designated email address to best respond to any questions, comments, or concerns specifically related to the COVID-19 vaccine.

It is our duty to stay focused on our residents, members, staff and loved ones during this time of uncertainty. All of us have been impacted by the pandemic but we will continue to persevere. We urge you to join us in getting the COVID-19 vaccine, influenza vaccine, wear masks, avoid large gatherings, and stay six feet apart-especially through the holidays.

Thank you for your understanding, kindness, and prayers for those we serve.

There will be more information related to the vaccine as it is released by the government.

Stay Safe!

Jeff Hongslo
ABHM President/CEO