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Tips for Touring a Senior Living Community

How to Find Your New Home Among Muskego Assisted Living Communities

When you or a loved decide to downsize and move into an assisted living community  or independent living apartment , it’s not just about safety or healthcare; it’s also about finding your new home. A place where you feel happy and comfortable!

The transition into a retirement community is a major life decision. That’s why it is best to visit several different senior living communities. Look for quality, safety, and most importantly – a great reputation. Read the community’s online reviews.

Though it’s tempting to choose a community that’s closest to your current home or possibly the most affordable option, don’t settle if you think there may be better options that can meet your current and future healthcare needs.

6 Tips for Touring Senior Communities in Muskego, WI

After you’ve decided what communities you’ll be visiting, here are a few tips to keep in mind during your tour:

1) Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions, even if they seem unnecessary in the moment. Tour guides should be willing and happy to answer all questions that may arise. Ask what kind of meal plans are available and if the kitchen takes special requests for dietary requirements. Inquire when visitors are allowed and if overnight accommodations can be provided for them. Learn about the community’s social activities and whether transportation is provided to off-campus appointments and events.

2)  Find reviews or feedback from residents. During your tour, make sure to talk to residents and ask how they feel about living in the community. Or, look for reviews of the community on the internet to see what others are saying.

3) Enjoy a meal. The food should taste great! Quality of food is important to your overall health and happiness; so if possible, join the residents for a meal. Find out if you can order items other than what is being offered, and if the kitchen takes note of special dietary restrictions or food allergies.

4) Observe the state of the building and grounds. Note how well-maintained the parking lots, walkways and landscaping are as you’re walking into the building. There should also be some outdoor areas for residents to gather and enjoy the fresh air. Once inside, pay attention to how clean the hallways and communal areas are. The senior community should smell fresh and be as dust-free as possible. Again, the best way to get an accurate “feel” for the community is to visit on an off-day; not during an open house.

5) Meet the staff and residents. While on your tour, talk with staff members as well as the residents. Take note of their attitudes; are they friendly, courteous, and seem happy to be there? Do the residents look like they are engaged and energized? The happiness of current residents can speak volumes about the community.

6) Go with your gut. If it seems difficult to make a final decision, remember to trust your instincts. Did it seem like you would be happier at one place over the other? Did you like the décor better, or were the staff slightly more welcoming at a certain community? In the end, it’s important to go with where you feel you’ll be most comfortable in the years to come.

At Tudor Oaks, we ensure residents are happy and enjoying an active, vibrant lifestyle. You’ll find a variety of social and educational events to keep you engaged in the world around you, as well as wellness programs to promote physical wellbeing. In fact, you may find yourself wondering why you didn’t move much earlier!

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